Persuasion World Expert,

Commander of the The Power Ark.


In his past life...


Kenrick Cleveland has been a pioneer of Persuasion since the 1980's.


In the beginning of his career, he worked personally with Richard Bandler with a savings and loan company as they were converting to a bank. The training Kenrick Cleveland gave to the bank was credited as increasing their net deposits by $1 billion in the first year of training.


After that, Kenrick created the Business Practitioner and Business Master Practitioner training and was the only person authorized to train and certify others in these trainings. This was back before you could pay a few hundred bucks and attend a four-day seminar for a slip of paper that says you're certified without demonstrating much of anything.


Shortly after, Kenrick decided to walk away from the world of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) as it devolved into "pen"-measuring contests. 


Since then, Kenrick has continued to pioneer the state of the art in the industry of persuasion in true Renegade fashion. 




Well, the state of the art is only state of the art until everybody and their mother has heard the same tactics over and over and get sick of it! So, it's about time to learn a more sophisticated way to persuade that doesn't make you look like a dancing monkey or sound like Darth Vader ordering a client to "Do as you say" with cheesy embedded commands.


If you really want better results than average persuaders, salespeople, and advisors, then you need to stop sounding exactly like everyone else who is selling something. You need your own style, genuine congruence, and solid confidence that won't melt away when it comes time to "overcome objections" as many "experts" call it.


And you don't have to be the cheapest solution, the pushy closer, the apologetic seller, or the brash ball-buster.


You can and SHOULD have your own style that is congruent and does not rely on cheap tactics that you pick at random like a card in a magic trick.


That's something Kenrick has learned from his decades of experience training and consulting high level professionals, several of whom are considered the Titans of their industry.

Today, Tomorrow, and Forevermore...


Today, you can find Kenrick aboard The Power Ark, a propriety mobile app  which functions as a metaphorical spaceship for exploring the expansive multiverse of persuasion as applied both internally and externally. Within this multiverse, he goes by Commander Cleveland and expects that you join the ranks of Renegade Persuaders with a similar sense of play and exploration.


"Multiverse?" you may ask. "That's not tight-a$$ed and academic! What kind of con-show are you running here?!"


And to that, Commander Cleveland firmly responds... "Let's live a little, shall we?"


The enemy of persuasion is over-intellectualizing. Persuasion does not need to feel like painful academic study. Why not make learning persuasion an exciting journey to your greatest future rather than a series of logical riddles to decode?


The ally of persuasion is ease. Over his lifetime, Kenrick has analyzed persuasion every which way but loose, so you don't need to solve the puzzle. The Commander is ready to teach you the simplest approaches, techniques, and strategies that will make the most difference in your results.


All those other methods everyone still uses from the 80's? The market has caught on and those old-school tactics no longer fly... the market has woken up to these cheap tactics and they make those persuaders appear like a pig with wings and extra-glossy lipstick, puckering up for a kiss. 


Let's leave the Old Order of Persuasion on Earth to plague the marketplace further, how about we?


The Persuasion Multiverse utilizes a mythological framework to make learning persuasion not only a cinematic experience, but seamless to apply as the lessons and techniques easily settle within the unconscious mind.


HINT: Nothing in this multiverse relies on conning, intentionally manipulating, or "getting one over" on someone else. The power that lies within the walls of The Power Ark is not to be consumed by Nullards (look it up). Part of the reason this multiverse exists is to scare away the many who want a quick fix without any real work of integrating what they learn into real behavioral skill-sets.




If you are looking to fit into a box and sound like everyone else who gets free PDFs of language patterns from Facebook swipe-files, or thieveshly steals Kenrick's material off of Torrent sites like the tens of thousands of Nullards in the dank and musty edges of the interwebs... then you may want to stop reading right now and close the tab on genuinely improving your persuasion.


Kenrick does not waste time with the faint of heart, the sleazy salesmen, the slick Willy's, or those who are desperate for fast money and demand a quick innoculation for their lack of wisdom.


If Kenrick has learned anything over his decades of experience, it's that the Persuasion industry attracts the great among us and the grimy shadow-lurkers. There isn't much in-between.


Not only will all shady characters be ridiculed, but personally booted by Kenrick's righteous round-house.


If you find yourself uncomfortable with this, it's likely because you fit into the category of "shadow-lurkers."


For the righteous Renegades, this should come as a breath of fresh air with arms open wide.


What next...?


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Anyone whose living depends in any way on persuading others - and that includes almost all of us - should learn and master what Kenrick has to teach about the art and science of persuasion.

Gary Bencivenga

World's Greatest Living Copywriter

Kenrick tops my shortlist of people I'll reach out to when I need advice on Persuading others to take a desired action. His arsenal of skills and strategies has increased my bank account by millions of dollars. If you have the chance to work with Kenrick, jump on it.

Rich Schefren

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Kenrick E. Cleveland embodies the most powerful, effective, and masterful techniques of persuasion and influence that have ever been taught.

Jay Abraham

Marketing Expert and author of Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You've Got