my Operating System

myOS is a system of specific strategies for giving you access to the kinds of changes you most need in order to persuade and influence others with magnetic leadership and charisma. 


To do this, you have to know specifically where to aim, what to do, and then have the tools to make the changes. That’s myOS. 


This is the ultimate mindset download for anyone looking for a deep mindset upgrade.


Think of this like a mental software update.


How often does your phone require a software update?


And when was the last time you consciously updated your mental software for more effortless, high-level persuasion?

Renegade Persuaders

Monthly Hard Skills Training

Renegade Persuaders is a monthly subscription designed to blend persuasion into your life so that it isn't another esoteric concept. 


Persuasion is the core foundation of who you are inside and out. 


It is what you put on and use as naturally as you shake someone's hand.


By being a part of our monthly membership, you will fine tune aspects of these strategies and skills through the different parts of this subscription. From the lessons, to the Quest SRI's, to the affirmations, to the Live Workshops, to the private forum. 


Every single month, you gain access to cutting edge, proven strategies and tactics that will keep you ahead of anyone else in your field and right on track with your highest potential.

Your One Thing

Individual Consulting & Coaching

Regardless of where you are with persuasion, you can only improve one step at a time. In my decades of experience, I've learned that the hardest part about learning persuasion is knowing where to begin or what needs improving the most. 


Whether it's mindset, confidence, strategy, or specific skills, I will personally guide you in mastering not just one thing at a time, but THE ONE THING you need to improve most right now.


This is for people who are already relatively successful and understand the value of personal mentorship and consultation in rising beyond good to great!